Oral surgery

For complicated and complex oral surgical procedures such as for example wisdom tooth extractions or bone augmentation has Clinica Ekidental a special oral surgical staff team that specializes exclusively in these interventions.

Bone formation in general

After being a certain time with teeth loss, it may happen that there is not enough bone for an implant. The missing bone can be replaced buy an bone – building treatment . In this treatment ,depending on the size and shape of the defect, a bone substitute or autologous bone will be used. These procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis and under local anesthesia.

Sinus Lift - bone structure of the upper jaw

Due to the loss of teeth, the maxillary bone degrades with time. In the posterior region of the maxilla bone height is so often so greatly reduced that an implant can not be stably anchored in sufficient length. In order to provide optimum support for the implant, so the bone volume must be restored. This happens through a sinus lift. In extreme degradation of the bone in the upper jaw,first the bone volume will be normalized , through the sinus lift. Depending on the volume, the implants can be set within 4-6 months later.