Bruxism and teeth grinding caused by stress

Bruxism and teeth grinding are a widely spread problem today. There are many persons with the sympton of grinding teeth while they are sleeping. They squeeze the maxilla and mandible with great force and grind it with their teeth. Dentists speak of bruxism. Teeth grinding is often caused by stress.

The consequences of bruxism can be devastating, provoke cracks in the enamel, sensibility, and unnecessary root canal treatment, or/and tooth extractions. Other symptoms may include pain or popping in the TMJ.

Splint relieves bruxism consequences

To avoid these symptoms of major bruxism and pressers an individually adjusted customized splint is recommended. This splint protects your teeth from the effects of grinding and squeezing them together and relieves the mandibular muscles.

Under certain circumstances an additionally treatment with physical or/and psychological therapy is necessary.