Filling treatments

We work without amalgam!

Due to this filling treatment, there are no black fillings, only tooth-colored fillings. Thanks to sophisticated, light-curing composites such as fillings with the highest quality standards can be set.

Composite filling for high quality

Composite fillings are in color and its Form adapted to the tooth enamel by using high-quality composites, fillings will be processed in mulitple layers which will achieve an optimal marginal fit and durability. The fillings are unobtrusively and reconstruct the teeth completely.


In the inlay onlay technique fillings are made of a solid piece in the laboratory in order to be glued into the tooth. Gold inlays are extremely durable, but due to the color they are often used, because of the aesthetic point of view in the molar region. Ceramic inlays are virtually indistinguishable from the natural tooth structure.