Prophylaxis is an important part of dental care

Your smile is important for us!

Your brilliant smile can move mountains, as well as change your life for better and lead you to more success at work and in your private life. In an individual counseling – regardless of age – learn all about teeth cleaning.

Ask your dental clinic for prophylaxis advice

In this special event you will be told exactly how to achieve the best possible prevention and dental care of your teeth and for your denture.

You will also learn the correct use and application of hygiene products.

Other topics included in prophylactic dental care:

  • Nutritional advice
  • Product recommendations personally tailored for your dental situation
  • Pregnancy counseling
  • Advice for parents, children and caregivers for physically / mentally disabled patients, patients in old age, etc.
  • The care of the primary dentition of your children, and also the proper care of your dentures
  • DNA-Test