Implants and Dentures

The placing of an implant is the basis for a fixed protesis, which at the same time will protect the neighboring tooth. Implants are versatile and increase the individuality of each patient. They are used for the supply of bridges and stabilization of prostheses.

Implants are titanium screws that are surgically placed into the jawbone.
They serve as a basis for your fixed denture. After the healing period of two to six months we start with the desired crown or denture care. Helpful for implanting itself provides a DNA analysis to prevent possible inflamation of the gums. Implants offer the advantage that there is no necessity to grind healthy teeth. There is also no need to replace existing crowns. Implants require diligent oral hygiene.

Implant Supported Dentures:

A small surgical procedure – a big step for your chewing comfort!

We work with internationally renowned implant system manufacturers!

Computer Supported Implantology

3D Implantology with DVT (digital volume tomography) for minimally invasive and rapid intervention

In Ekidental we have the posibility to apply 3D Implantology which allows us to fit implants exactly into the anatomically ideal position of the jaw by computer aided an the application of templates. This is done without major cuts through scalpel and sutures. The whole procedure is essential tissue sparing and has less side effects. To a higher precision and optimal security is a much lower risk of complications and a smaller expenditure of time and also a additional surgical procedures such as bone structures or sinus lift may be avoided.